Danbo's Big Adventure

Dan & Bonnie Collins (Danbo) blog about their travels in an Airstream travel trailer…

About Us

Dan & Bonnie Collins (Danbo) are a happily married couple who love cooking, eating, traveling, and exploring the outdoors. We live in downtown Charlotte, NC which is called “Uptown” and really enjoy all of the things you can see and do here. Below are some photos of nice places in Charlotte:

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Let me start by saying we are very fortunate people who took advantage of education and career opportunities given and made the most of them over the past 20 years. Both of us had served in the military and earned two-year college degrees while on active duty. Bonnie worked on A-10 Thunderbolts in the Air Force while I rode around on a submarine in the U.S. Navy so we are both familiar with the challenge of going through military boot camps. Later, we went back to college while working full-time and earned Bachelor of Science degrees. Bonnie is an accountant who obtained her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) credentials while I primarily worked as a Sales Engineering Manager in support of information technology sales. By all measure, we had achieved professional success and are grateful for it but something was missing.

Free time had become our most valuable asset and successful careers limited the amount of time we could take off from work to enjoy life together. We talked about the insanity of leaving our jobs and ultimately decided to spend at least one year traveling across the country on a journey we call “Danbo’s Big Adventure”. My father had passed away from a heart attack at 56 years old and Bonnie’s mother was taken by cancer at 58 so we realized that many people never enjoy a single day of retirement. So, this is what motivated us to quickly move from working for the American dream to actually living it….

Recently, we declared ourselves “insane” and resigned from our jobs to pursue a simplified lifestyle of full-time travel. The first step towards realizing this dream involved the purchase of a 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud travel trailer along with a Dodge Ram 1500 truck to tow it. Neither of us had any real experience with towing a 28 foot travel trailer so this blog is dedicated to sharing our trials and tribulations while traveling across the good old U.S.A. We hope you enjoy our blog posts and follow along with us on Danbo’s Big Adventure !!!



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